Bulgaria Law declaring the Communist Regime Bulgaria in Bulgaria as Criminal 26/04/2000 Declaration of the National Assembly for the 60th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Communist Regime in Bulgaria, 9 September 2004 9/09/2004 Bulgaria The Law on Declaring the Communist regime in Bulgaria as Criminal declared in Article 1.1 that “BCP is responsible for the rule of the state from 9 September 1944 until 10 November 1989, which led the country to national catastrophe.” Article 2 enumerated ten specific responsibilities of BCP: “annihilation of the traditional values of the European civilization”, “violation of basic human rights and freedoms”,“dealing with the deputies of the 25th National Assembly” and many others through the mechanism of the so-called People’s Court; “the moral and economic decline of the state”; “the directive management of the economic life”; abolishment of “the right to property”; “encroachment upon the religious liberty”; “unceasing terror against those, who disagreed with the system”; “abuse with the upbringing, education, science and culture for political and ideological purposes”; “ruthless destruction of the nature”.